Cheap flights delivered instantly via text message.

Stop booking flights the old way. Altitude alerts will help you pick your next vacation destination and save hundreds of dollars on flights.

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Altitude closely watches domestic and international flight prices searching for deals

Whenever we find a sweet flight deal, we instantly notify members with instructions on when it is available and how to book it. Change the way you find flight deals and start saving thousands of dollars a year with Altitude.

Our average flight deal savings is $550 off 🔥

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1. Customize Your Alerts

Join Altitude and choose the airports and airlines you want to receive instant alerts for. Prefer SMS texts or email? It's your choice!

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2. Altitude Finds a Deal

The team at Altitude watches for airfare mistakes, incredible sales and obscure deals. Once we find something we notify you instantly with info on how to find and book the deal.

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3. You Vacation & Save Money

You book the deal, go on vacation and live happily ever after 🤓. Take the money you save and put it towards your next vacation!

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*Altitude tracks domestic and international flight prices 24/7/365.

Where will you explore next?

Altitude is the easiest way to start saving tons of money on vacations. Discovering cheap flights has never been simpler.

Recent nonstop deals include:

San Francisco > Hong Kong $417

Denver > Kauai $313

Los Angeles > Bogota $388

Raleigh-Durham > Seattle $167

Washington DC > Mexico City $208

A smarter way to travel

Travel can be low-cost or nearly free, but you have to know how. That’s where Altitude comes in to help.

Instant SMS & email alerts

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Deals fit any schedule

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Free 7-day trial • Easy setup • Cancel anytime

“Altitude is perfect for someone who loves to travel but doesn’t love googling around holy hell. There are so many sites and getting deals sent right to my text inbox is exactly what I need.”

Margie Dillenburg – San Francisco

“Vacations used to cost a fortune. Altitude easily saves us thousands of dollars a year and regularly takes us to new places. I'm always excited to see the deals.”

Roberto Sagramoso – Washington D.C.