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Altitude Concierge

How it Works

You can think of our concierge service as a modern day travel agent, only we're not out to make a commission or kickback. We're on your side and will ensure we get you the best price for your desired travel.

1. Get in touch: You'll get in touch and fill out a simple form to tell us where you would like to go, when you would like to fly and let us know the best price you have been able to find so far.

2. We present options: Our team will review your request and get to work right away. We will have at least two options to you within 24 hours of your request (if not faster!). Our travel experts leverage advanced travel tools to ensure that we find an even better price that what you have seen.

3. Book travel: Based on our recommendation you can either have us book the travel on your behalf or book it yourself. Simple, easy and fast. Head out on your vacation worry free!

Our concierge service costs just $50 per inquiry and covers travel research for up to 2 people. Research for a party of 4 starts at $75. Our concierge fee is only collected if we are able to save you more money than our concierge fee. It's simple, you save or your request is free!

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