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⚪️ Day One - Today

Travel the world for free, eat caviar and only fly first class...

...and all the other hype you have probably seen online. Now let's be realistic. We will give you an overview on miles & points and how best to join in on the fun.

⚪️ Day Two - Saturday

Our guide to picking your airline and alliance strategically.

Whether you are just getting started in the miles and points game or a seasoned veteran we will help you think about setting up a system to maximize return.

⚪️ Day Three - Sunday

Now that I've got a stash of miles, what do I do next?

Don't burn them on a domestic roundtrip flight. We will share our thought process for when to redeem miles vs when to pony up and pay cash.

⚪️ Day Four - Monday

Behind the scenes at Altitude - learn how we travel.

We are huge travelers here at Altitude. We're so passionate about travel that we've built a whole suite of tools to make it easier for anyone to travel more for less.

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