How to Set Up Your Altitude Account

Quick start guide to using Altitude.

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How To Use Altitude Flight Alerts (SMS & Email)

I started Altitude to help my friends and family travel more, for less.

When I was working towards my goal to visit 100 countries before I turned 30, I had to figure out how to creatively fly at a fraction of the normal cost.

This meant that I could not spend upwards of $800 to fly from the USA to Europe or $1000 to from the USA to Asia.

Once I started to learn the ins-and-outs of airfare and airlines, I realized there are tons of cheap flights options out there, often hiding in plain site.

People often tell me, "that's great, but I can't just drop everything and fly next week on a crazy airfare deal."

Altitude will show you that that is not the case. The deals that I share on Altitude are all vetted to have wide availability 3-6 months into the future.

Altitude's Flight Deal Notifications

Altitude is here to help you become a better traveler and help you see the world for less. The core product to help you is our flight deal notification tool.

I'm looking at flights all the time, monitoring several online blogs and forums, always seeking out that next deal.

A soon as I find something great, I load it into Altitude and the site immediately notifies users based on their unique notification settings.

The response so far has been great - members have saved on flights to Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, the Caribbean, and even within the USA.

How to Customize Your Notification Settings

Once you are an Altitude member, you can navigate to your User Settings page. You can opt in to receive both email and SMS flight alerts.

Why SMS text messages you might ask?

The reason is simple. The best flight deals move fast and can sometimes disappear in as little as one hour. By getting an immediate SMS text message, you will be the first to know and have significantly better odds at hitting the jackpot on a great flight deal.

Altitude also lets you specify which airlines and airports you are interested in getting alerts for. If you are based in San Francisco, you will want to opt in to SFO and OAK airports to increase the likelihood of scoring a good deal. If you are more adventurous, you could even add in other West Coast airports such as LAX, PDX, and SEA.

These filters ensure that you are not bombarded with notifications. Quality > quantity!

By following these simple guides, you'll be on your way to saving lots of money on flights and traveling more, for less.

Still Have Questions?

I'm always here to clear up questions and help however I can. Drop me a line at anytime!

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